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Policy Background 

  • Open flexibility
    • Rule 10.004.04C3 enables school districts to “use performance based curriculum or courses as an option” if the “written description is approved by the local board of education and is on file in the school...” and the “curriculum provides learning opportunities for students equivalent to or greater than those through the” [traditional system] “for determining instructional units.”
    • Dale spoke with LaMont Rainey, Legal Counsel for the Nebraska Legislature Education Committee and Cory Epler, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer for the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). According to Dr. Epler, there was an initiative through the NDE to create a CBE pilot but it did not make it through the process. In 2016, the state also completed a CBE study committee.
  • Credits must be based on seat time. (CFAT 50-State Scan of Course Credit Policies 2013)
  • In August 2015 State Board of Education initiated a study on competency-based education. 
  • Sandra Dop, Iowa Department of Education, made a presentation to the Nebraska State Board of Education (2015)


Evidence of Improved Achievement, Attainment, or Cost-Effectiveness: No information at this time (June 2014)

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Districts and Schools


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