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Policy Background


  • Credits must be time-based. See exceptions below.
  • In 2013, the Arkansas legislature passed Act 601 chich created Districts and Schools of Innovation program. Approved schools of innovation can receive flexibility from state rules and regulations in order to adopt innovative instructional models. The law allows Arkansas schools of innovation to create learning envrionemtns include on-site learning, distance/virtual learning or work-based learning on nontraditional school days or hours. 
  • Office of Innovation in Education established in 2014. Inaugaral Education Summit in fall 2015. 
    • The college established the Office of Innovation for Education in 2013 with funding from the Arkansas Department of Education to help schools find and use innovative strategies and technologies to improve educational access and opportunities for Arkansas students. The office provides technical assistance to the Arkansas Department of Education in the form of research and analytics to support innovative instruction, assessment and accountability. Direct school and district support for innovation is provided to teachers and leaders for exploration, design and implementation of innovative strategies and programs to transform learning. The office is investigating such topics as blended learning opportunities and challenges, personalizing instruction, competency-based learning and assessment, digital content and learning management systems and innovative assessment and accountability systems within personalized and competency-based systems. (From 2016 article)
    • The Arkansas Office of Innovation for Education receives an annual grant from the Arkansas Department of Education for capacity-building activities for new learning models, including competency education.
  • Starting in 2014, districts were able to apply for schools of innovation waivers. 


Districts and Schools 

  • Hall High School In Little Rock, AR - 9th grade academy
  • Springdale Public School District was awarded a four-year, $29.5 million grant from Race to the Top in 2013 to promote individualized, innovative education. They are working with Center for Secondary School Design to pilot:
    • competency-based progressions as the primary determinant of course completion, including restructuring the traditional bell schedule, and incorporating extended learning opportunities and exhibitions of learning as assessment practices;
    • building a robust technology-infused curriculum that includes 1:1 technology for all students in the district;
    • the expansion of Environmental and Spatial Technology (EAST) Labs in all high schools;
    • the creation of a Parent Academy to better support parent involvement in academic monitoring and college and career matriculation; and
    • empowering student ownership of the learning process through student advisory systems and student-led conferencing that support students in creating multiple pathways to post-secondary success.









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