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Policy Background 

  • High School Credit
  •  WAC 180-51-050 defines a high school credit to mean:
Grades nine through twelve or the equivalent of a four-year high school program, or as otherwise provided in RCW 28A.230.090(4): (a) Successful completion, as defined by written district policy, of courses taught to the state's essential academic learning requirements (learning standards). If there are no state-adopted learning standards for a subject, the local governing board, or its designee, shall determine learning standards for the successful completion of that subject; or (b) Satisfactory demonstration by a student of proficiency/competency, as defined by written district.


Evidence of Improved Achievement, Attainment, or Cost-Effectiveness: No information at this time (June 2014)

Networks and Resources

Districts and Schools

  • Independent Learning Center received competency-based waiver in 2016. In the article it suggests that there are three other schools that have a waiver.  
  • Nova in Seattle (not sure in what it is competency-based)
  • Indication of some interest in WA by education leaders
  • Highline, Issaquah, Chelan and Methow Valley have all sought waivers for Big Picture model schools
  • Puget Sound Educational Service District: RTT District awardee, not sure what CBE strategy is or status of implementation (2016)

Higher Education





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