Vergennes School District

Vergennes Union High School in Vermont shifted the focus for earning a high school diploma from a traditional report card and hours logged to one that includes a four-year, cross-curriculum portfolio. Beginning with the graduating class of 2016, students will demonstrate mastery through portfolio presentations. 


From Making Mastery Work:

Vergennes School District focused their proficiency-based efforts at Vergennes Union High School in Vergennes, VT.  A video of news coverage of their efforts can be found here.


Context of Competency Education: VUHS is a rural grade 7-12 regional school serving 600 students. The middle school is affiliated with Expeditionary Learning, using Expeditions and Exhibitions to frame student learning. The high school is building on this foundation with the creation of a competency education program.

Focus of Grant Project: To create a set of valid performance tasks, aligned to their Performance-Based Graduation Requirements.

Creating A Transparent Mastery and Assessment System


Leadership for Competency Education Development