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Key Issues

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As states, districts and schools transition to competency education a number of tough issues are raised—issues that may have many design directions, each with different implications, or appear not to have any clear or simple solution or even enough understanding of the landscape to seek a resolution. Many of these emerging issues are substantive. However, several are process issues, including synchronizing policy and practice, communication, and engaging critical partners. 


There was agreement at the Competency-based Pathways Summit that in order to ensure an effective and equitable competency-based system, students need to be put first and approached as customers. This requires aligning the system with 100% of the students, even those who may fall behind, fall off the track to graduation, or “stop out.” It requires the districts and schools to design around the educational needs (both academic and lifelong learning) of their students. Below are links to many of these key issues. We'll be adding other issues as we gain enough analysis and understanding. 








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