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Beyond the Tipping Point: Insights in Advancing Competency Education in New England

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Reaching the Tipping Point: Insights on Advancing Competency Education in New England was released October 2016.Competency education is expanding across the country as a means to ensure all students are mastering the skills and knowledge to be successful in college, career and civic life. This paper explores the core concepts of competency education, provides insights in policy and practice across five New England states, and analyzes the impact of competency education on quality, equity, scaling and sustainability. This report draws lessons learned and insights from educators and policymakers in New England and is intended for district leadership and policymakers seeking to introduce competency-based education within their states.


Link to archived webinar.


Organizations Playing Important Roles in New England


Resources by State










New Hampshire



Rhode Island





Recommended Reading Lists


Recommended Reading on Competency Education


Recommended Reading on Implementation



Recommended Reading on State Policy



Recommended Reading on System-Building and ESSA   




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